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We take the hard work out of organising competitions and provide the top standard for design competitions available to every organiser. A solution to secure your actions, protect your time and bring you the results while enjoying it all.

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Competition Setup

Organiser will setup the competition related information, for example: name, rules, schedule, downloadable materials and to be submitted materials portal.

After they done the competition is ready for the launch.

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Competition begins officially. Web page becomes visible to public. Participants can download and read the competition program and start to develop their ideas for the competition.

Material Downloads

Participants get to download the material package which contains all relevant and supporting data for the ideation and design process.

A big competition may contain even few gigabytes of data. It is important to refine the shared data as much as possible to avoid passing unnecessary efforts to participants.

Questions & Answers

During the design phase some questions will always arise. Easy to use Q&A system serves both the participants and the organiser.

Anonymity must be preserved.

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3D Models

Most studios and designers utilise 3D as part of their creative process.

Traditional submission of physical 3D models happens now digitally. Designs can be explored as part of larger 3D city model context by users and jury. Comparing models is also fluent. Get your info sheet now:

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Submitting proposals is a critical stage in any competiton: equality, anonymity, correctness, accuracy and deadline are obvious matters of attention.

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Proposal Qualification

Submission is followed by jury's initial qualification for technically acceptable entry.

Public Gallery & Commenting

Qualified proposals may be taken to optional anonymous exposure to public for viewing and commenting.

Reviewing & Judging

Jury will explore, analyze, sort, tag, compare, rate, review and rank the proposals in a course of multiple meetings. All of that happens on cloud 24/7 both as private process as well as in common face to face or hybrid meetings.


Announcing the winner and runners up is the long awaited moment. Open ideas competitions have often been the stepping stone for rising stars to make their breakthrough.

Future Development

Eventually the competition results convert into new infrastructure, urban areas and buildings. Often times legendary built things in our cities and environments are through competitions where new rival ideas have successfully challenged the obvious ones, among the other qualities needed to win.

Competition can also be a fast track to get to build considering how challenging the general building permit process may sometimes turn out to be.

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