CC for the competition organisers

A well-anticipated, efficient, clear and timely process that always produces the highest-quality result

The most common challenges of the competition organisers on design competitions

  • There may be uncertainty about choosing the best tendering process.
  • Competitive tendering eats up more working hours than desired.
  • Coordinating schedules with the various parties involved causes difficulties.
  • It is difficult to maintain the anonymity of participants at the stages that require it.
  • Being informative and inclusive becomes cumbersome.
  • To organise the web presence, you need a separate website creator.

Competition Cloud will address the above mentioned challenges and with a finished process and a tool that utilises automation, time and money are saved for something more useful. Competition Cloud ensures smooth organisational processes, guaranteeing you get the most out of the competition. The process is also environmentally friendly as the need for travelling and printing decreases.

The team

■ Project owners reps
■ Competition specialist (consultant)
■ Competition committee
■ Architect reps
■ Other specialists (traffic, landscaping…)
■ Secretary of the competition (staff, consult etc.)

Competition programme

Creation and approval of the competition programme including the attached materials for the competition participants is the key task of the competition organiser team.

We can consult you on creation of the competition program and acquisition and refinery of the initial site data. Quality of these pays back in higher participant amount and higher overall quality of the proposals.

Backend setup

Organisers can setup relevant information and submit process on Competition Cloud backend interfaces.


Submit setup

Correct management of the submission process and content is a critical factor of a competition. Competition Cloud has an inbuilt system for a fully managed submit automation.


Website setup

Competition website standard version includes following features on a fast cloud infrastructure and responsive design:

◼︎ Main page gathering all relevant key information
◼︎ Downloads section gathering all competition materials
◼︎ Q&A section for questions and answers
◼︎ Submit page with countdown timer
◼︎ Gallery page for public citizen evaluation and commenting
◼︎ Awards page for announcing the winners


Competition launch

Online only or with seminar included.

After the launch the competition is open until it's deadline. During the period the participants have an option to submit questions and get them answered.

Deadline closes the competition from the participants perspective and starts the jury's judging phase of the competition.

Public online gallery

After the proposal submission deadline, an optional website with visual proposal gallery with citizen commenting option is included in the solution.


Awards event

The results of a competition are announced in awards event. This may happen either online, on-site or both (preferred).

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