CC for the contracting authority

Increasing the competition profile and attractiveness while ensuring safety and meeting the requirements of procurement act.

The most common challenges of the contracting authority on design competitions

  • The implementation of a credible remote evaluation process for the design competition has been identified as challenging.
  • Holding the competition in accordance with the Procurement Act causes extra stress.
  • A slow and laborious process increases the cost of competitive tendering.
  • Anticipating the schedule and total cost of the tendering process is difficult.
  • A physical presentation space is required for the competition work.
  • It remains unsure whether the chosen proposal is the overall best proposal with the best development potential.

Competition Cloud will address the above mentioned challenges so that the competition will reach its full potential on a functional platform so that the proposals, the competition itself, and those involved can be portrayed in the positive light they deserve. The ingenious details can all be brought to light. Through Competition Cloud, presenting the work to the public, and optionally including them in the process, is easier.

Setting the goal

Contracting authority/ developer/ planner will set the goal.

This stage is part of your processes and completes before the competition program creation by competition organiser team starts.

Concludes in a decision for the competition type, budget and timetable.

We can consult you on choosing the right competition type.



Project owner organisation will also set the

◼︎ actual competition organiser team
◼︎ money prizes
◼︎ and may suggest to use Competition Cloud as the competition's technical platform.

Working in the jury

Project owner has representation in the competition but the winner is found by consensus of mixed professionals.

Actual user application interfaces of Competition Cloud regarding the project owner's participation are presented in two other user role chapters: 

◼︎ Competition organiser team
◼︎ Competition jury


The result of the competition.

Present: contracting authority, competitors, jury, secretary, media, public audience.

Next step: direct procurement of the detail design and construction.

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