CC for the competition jury

More confidence in achieving the best outcome

The most common challenges of the competition jury on design competitions

  • Remote working is not going well. Finding content and data at the right moment is difficult.
  • Working with large amount of big PDFs will jam users computers.
  • Other file based processes are also potentially error prone, like 3D models.
  • Working with native files involves the risk of anonymity preaches.
  • It will take a lot of work to coordinate schedules.
  • The conditions required to ensure an equal assessment have been partially lacking.
  • The lack of a systematic commentary model has created inconsistencies in judges' comparative evaluations.
  • With the cut-and-paste model, reviews may have ended up attributed to the wrong proposals.
  • With pandemics, the risk of infection can hinder participation.

Competition Cloud will address the above mentioned challenges and in terms of the end result, it is important to find the best outcome on an equal footing and to recognise all the potential of the proposals. Competition Cloud allows for more in-depth processing of information.

Judging on the go

No pdf-files, fast visual interface.

All information in one place.

Works on browser, 24/7 online.

Efficient tools for judges’ collaboration from A to Z.


Judging on premises

Hybrid meetings. Bigroom action.

Most meetings can be remote.

Review and score system.

Effective qualification process.

Optional 3D models and videos.


Secure 24/7 online system for jury members.

All action on a single login.

Submit qualification

Qualification of submitted proposals.

Anonymous log of the submit process.

Public comments

Display of public citizen comments.

Option to archive insolent content.

Classification management

Free to customize classes.

Dynamic real-time labelling.


Main view

Visual, fast, easy to learn system.


Table view

Analytic sorting by key criteria.

List view

Sortable listing based on: random, number, unseen, class, score, name.

Clustering private and public tags and notes.

Proposal view

All proposal data available.

Private and public aspects.

Notes, tags, review and rating.

Board view

Proposal board browsing.

High-speed zoom and pan.

Fullscreen view

100% screen area in use.

Keyboard shortcuts and controls for fullscreen mode action.

Collaborative review

Common writing for iterative proposal review text creation.


Rating system

Competition specific criteria.

1-5 score per criteria.


Score profile

Visual score profile.

Calculated average score.


Competition resolution display.

Links to winning proposals and full proposal gallery.

3D models

Integrated 3D model quick view links.

Browser based 3D models.

Virtual Reality on demand.


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